The Mulch Guy has been in the wood products business for many years, being a partner in a large sawmill business. One of the by products of a sawmill is bark off the logs before they can be sawn.

In 1978 I came in contact with a man who had an idea to market the bark for mulch use. We had a couple of people pull out the larger pieces and sold the rest for mulch. As time went on we acquired a grinder to make the pieces more uniform and easier to work with.

Some kind of machine to load the mulch and people to market the product was next. It didn't take long before there was a line of homeowners at the mulch operation wanting to buy mulch. There were also larger companies wanting to buy large truckloads of material. The mulch business is a far cry from what it was in 1978. The public is far more educated now and landscape and gardening are a big part of people's lives.

The Mulch Guy has lived in the Bedford area 30 years and has owned a small piece of property just west of Ind. 37 on Ind. 158 for several years. In 1999, I put a pile of mulch on the property with a little John Deere loader and started selling mulch, dirt, and compost to the public. An advertising representative came by the business one day and said, "You need to be The Mulch Guy." That's how I got the name. At first I thought it was pretty hokey but it has really helped me. We designed T-shirts and then took the ideas to a local sign shop and had locator signs and T-shirts made. I talk to people and when they find out I'm The Mulch Guy I get varied reactions. People really like the name.