The Mulch guy carries a wide verity of products. Below is the current pricing, description and item list. Click on images for larger view

Colored Mulches:
Colored Mulches come in a variety of colors: red, brown, gold, black.
Colored Mulches are usually made from all wood, then dyed, and will hold its
color longer than most other mulches.

Colors include. Red, Black and Dark Brown.

red mulch
$34.25 per yard

Hardwood Mulch:
Bark Mulch is primarily bark taken off trees and ground to make a uniform product.

dark mulch
$27.80 per yard
Compost : Compost is a mixture of grass, leaves,manure, and sawdust. Compost can be added to your present soil.

$41.00 per yard
Wood Chips: Wood Chips are 1x1 wood chips used for walking paths, and play grounds. wood chips
$26.75 per yard
Garden Blend: Garden Blend is a mixture of compost and top soil designed primarily for raised flower beds. $45.00 per yard
Top Soil:
Top soil is run through a screen to make it consistent and can be directly
planted in or used to fill holes in your yard, or after new construction.
top soil
Decorative Rock :We are going to carry a limited supply of decorative gravel this year. Items include.

  • Pea Gravel - $21.40
  • Creek Rock - $37.45
  • Sand - $21.40
  • #7 Gravel - $21.40
  • Mulch by the bag: We also sell mulch by the bag. 2 cubic feet per bag

    $3.00 per bag

    Loaded while you wait: Most of our products are sold by the cubic yard, loaded into a pick up truck with a small Bobcat type loader.

    The mulch guy says "A small truck holds 1 yard" and "A full size truck holds 2 yards"

    To estimate material needed:
    Length x Width Divided by 100 = Yardage Needed. This will give you a 3 inch coverage.

    Delivery Fees
    1 to 10 yards of mulch

    $35.00 in bedford city limits

    $45.00 Mitchell

    Longer distances available. Call for quote.

    Need More? Special orders on request

    Call me at 812-278-3644